The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in the forest. This is my character guide for all those who live the Smurf village.


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The Smurfs

CLUMSY SMURF: The clumsiest of the Smurfs, always causing accidents. Best friends with Brainy. He also likes to collect rocks.
JOKEY SMURF: Jokey loves playing practical jokes! Watch out for his exploding "birthday presents"! Known for his distinctive laugh.
HANDY SMURF: Wears white overalls and a pencil in his ear. The consummate inventor! Brainy is responsible for inventing Smurf cars, the Smurf telephone (telesmurf), the weather smurfing machine and more.
HEFTY SMURF: The strongest member of the Smurfs village. He has a heart tattoo on his arm. Hefty likes to exercise.
GROUCHY SMURF: The grumpiest of the Smurfs. Favourite expression is "I HATE (whatever)!" Grouchy never seems pleased with anything.
VANITY SMURF: The most self-involved of the Smurfs. Carries around a mirror and wears a flower atop his head. Pretty fruity.
LAZY SMURF: Hates to work and loves to sleep! Can often be found sound asleep, hidden, whenever there is work to be done! Says things like "time for a nice nap".
GREEDY SMURF: Not known for his ability to ration, greedy loves food! Greedy is the cook in the village.
FARMER SMURF: Tends the crops and provides the food for the Smurfs village.
GRANDPA SMURF: Old, bearded Smurf. Has a yellow outfit and holds himself up with a cane.
WILD SMURF: Grew up in the wild. Has pants made of grass. Other Smurfs can't understand him - but he can talk to animals!
PAPA SMURF: A wise, a powerful magician, and leader of the Smurfs! The only Smurf who wears red.
SMURFETTE: Blonde, blue, wears a white dress, and loves gardening! Smurfette lives in a pink house.
TAILOR SMURF: Makes all the Smurf clothes. Voiced by Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan's Dad on the NBC show.
BRAINY SMURF: Brainy always seems to have the answers - but is usually wrong. Wears glasses. Brainy is quite unpopular because of his know-it-all attitude. Brainy is Papa Smurf's "assistant".

The Smurflings

SLOUCHY SMURFLING: Looks kind of sleepy, always laid back. Wears a red t-shirt.
SNAPPY SMURFLING: Quite bossy! Wears a yellow t-shirt with a storm cloud.
SASSETTE SMURFLING: Female, red ponytails, pink overalls and freckles!
NAT SMURFLING: The naturalist of the Smurflings. Wears a straw Smurfhat and brown pants and is a friend to all creatures.

Friends & Enemies

PUPPY: A puppy that befriends the Smurflings and protects them from Azrael the cat. Puppy is a big PVC figurine!
GARGAMEL: Evil magician who's designs for the Smurfs include eating them or turning them into gold.
AZRAEL: Gargamel's long-suffering Cat. Azrael enjoys chasing the Smurfs.
JOHAN: Medieval adventurer and sword fighter, friend to the Smurfs.
PEWIT: Johan's sidekick and poor singer, also a friend to the Smurfs.

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